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Dear Readers,


Here is a space for you to explore cinema. Girls Cinema Club is a Zine for girls and all those interested in cinema and all dialogue around films and filmmaking.


Welcome to the final Winter 2022 issue. We begin the issue with an interview with ground breaking director of the Virginia Woolf adaptation Orlando, Sally Potter. We also discuss her early avant garde films The Gold Diggers and Thriller. Following is an essay on Chie Haykawa's Plan 75  by our new writer Asa Ohira. Welcome, Asa! And our winter "experimental" soundtrack inspired by Orlando curated by @miss_aggro. Thank you to our tiny team and to all our readers. It's been a fun journey so far...stay tuned for more in the upcoming year. Wishing all a healthy and joyful season! 


                                                                                                                                      -Susan Chau


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