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Dear Moondoggies and Moonbabies,

        Happy Lunar New Year.  According to the Lunar Calendar it is the first new moon of the year, which means new beginnings and new cycles. 

        To celebrate we sat down with our pal Emily Kaye Allen to discuss her first feature film titled, Cisco Kid

It's a documentary about a person who is building a guest house out west in Cisco Utah––what was once known as a desert ghost town. It's shot in Emily's rigorous yet simple aesthetic. Formally cinéma vérité, it is told with wide static shots and intimate conversations between the director and star––Eileen.

        Following that is a collection of photos by budding photographer––Ella Kaplan––from her many recent travels on road, titled, Americana amongst varying landscapes and terrains

        Whether you're driving, hiking, or polar plunging, we hope you enjoy these road stories. Thank you for reading. And as Bonne says to Nyad––in the film Nyad––onward! 

                                                                                          Xx Girls Cinema Club


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